Schoenhut 37 Key Black Melodica Instrument

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The melodica 37-key with mouthpiece & melodica hose & bag offers your little ones a whole new world of musical expression. Built with a smooth, responsive 37-key mini piano keyboard, mini piano is one of the most widespread and easiest ways to articulate melodies and harmonies. Melodica music produces a rich accordion-like tone and is incredibly easy to play. ABS-made black and white keys keyboard piano are comfortable to play on. Played like a piano, melodica 37 key is so compact that you can take it with you anywhere.

Melodica kids have a 37 key fingerboard, three full octaves plus one semitone, and the key melodica actions are smooth and easy. And the reeds are anti-corrosive, which will give a balanced sound. One interesting point in the construction of the melodica keyboard instrument is that unlike with some, once you start pushing down more than two or three keys, you have to blow harder. With this 37 melodica, you don’t. The air pressure required remains the same.


· Smooth, responsive 37-key travel piano keyboard
· Piano melodica produces a rich accordion-like tone
· Portable melodica is incredibly easy to play
· Introduce your little ones to a whole new world of musical expression
· ABS-made black and white keys, piano style melodica is comfortable to play on
· Compact design, easy to carry
· Come with a melodica mouthpiece, a hose, and an exclusive bag


· Material: PVC
· Color: Black
· Dimensions: 20.50'' x 3'' x 5.75''

Package Includes:

· 1 x Melodica 37 Key
· 1 x Mouthpiece
· 1 x Flex Tube
· 1 x Exclusive Bag
Vendor: Schoenhut

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